CoolHints2k FREE package provided with the ability to create Office2000/XP like dialogs and hint system. It has similar look and feel and contains all necessary controls (buttons, hot links, check tips, forms, group boxes etc), to reproduce the state-of-art hint windows design.


  • version 1.01
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/BCB5/BCB6



CoolControls is FREE award winning package (by ZDNet Software Library; by DelphiDeli) of highly advanced components and classes. More than 70 classes currently. Covers system, GUI and database programming, original components.

Forms of any shape, SKINS and TRANSPARENCY for ALL controls and forms, buttons of various shapes, flat borders, animation, original controls, powerful list and comboboxes, 3D view for most controls with text, multiline string grids with custom colors and fonts for cells, scrolling text, system level components.


  • version 3.04h
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/CB4/CB5/CB6


CoolMenus Pro

You can use any TControl and most TWinControl descendants in your menus instantly with no modifications. You use Delphi’s form designer for development of the submenus (pick up the component from components palette and place it on your menu just as if you were developing the form). Below you can find list of features that supported by CoolMenus Pro.


  • version 2.03c
  • D4/D5/D6/D7/CB4/CB5/CB6


CoolMenus Standard

FREE CoolMenus, especially Multimedia edition has some unique features you will not find in any other menu related packages on the market. Native Delphi code (no additional *.dll or *.ocx files to distribute with your product), fast speed and helpful design windows are the reasons of CoolMenus popularity. Plus you do not have to write even a string of code, everything was already written so simple assign all necessary properties in design-time and compile application. With CoolMenus the only limit for menus design will be your own fantasy.


  • version 3.08
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/CB4/CB5/CB6



Ever released major updates of your programs or databases they use? Tired to send megabytes over the Internet? Tired to update fields or indixes manually? Just try FREE CoolDBUtilities package for these purposes and all these time consuming tasks will be much easier to deal with. Other things the package can help you with is restructuring of the datbases, complex searches and so on.


  • version 1.04
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/CB4/CB5/CB6



This component allows you to create plain-text reports of various type with or without templates from the dataset or custom data. Can be used in majority of tasks from fast report/preview generation to the Web development.



You can use HierarchyTree package to visually build the hierarchies. Easy way to show relations between various items. No coding required. Variety of ways to display hierarchy members. Several different types of members.

Features include run-time drag-n-drop support, scrollig, abilitiy to print, save and load the controls.


  • version 1.04a
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/BCB5/BCB6


Tips System

Let your application look more professional with the Tips System. You can use Tips System as ordinal tips or “message of the day” dialog but also you can give your users power of Tips Editor.

Conception that program should allow customer to modify and customize any part of itself to suit all the possible customer’s needs is already standard for Reporting tools. Now you can use advantages of this technology in tips sytem as well. User has full control over the data here. Tips can be added, removed, hidden, edited by the customer.

Features include advanced graphics, multilanguages support, event for each button, work with streams, disk files or registry any many other Options to customize Tips System. Give it a try, you going to like it.


  • version 2.05a
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/CB5/CB6,OCX



Cool PSetting is the final word in application state management. With little or no coding, you can give your application the features that end users demand, including MRU lists, windows that “remember” their positions and sizes, and powerful options and preferences dialogs. Cool PSetting is built for real-world applications that require storage flexibility, so Cool PSetting supports saving application state information in the Registry, in a file (using Delphi’s TStreams or OLE compound documents), in a database using BLOB fields, or in any conceivable location using your own custom save and restore procedures. Cool PSetting also provides encryption so you can save sensitive application information without worry.


  • version 3.0g
  • D3/D4/D5/D6/D7/CB5/CB6


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